Contract Drafting, Negotiation & Review

The Corporate team of the firm is well equipped and has a wide expertise in dealing with the matters related to law of Trust and Societies, Partnerships, company laws, Drafting of Corporate agreements and commercial contracts, Deeds, MOU/MOA.

For drafting of commercial agreements, our team firstly minutely analyzes the requirement and scope of the said agreement and lists the challenges that may come in the way of execution and functioning of the said agreement. Thereafter, after rounds of meeting and detailed understanding, we prepare tailor made agreement that suits to the particular business requirement for the particular client in given particular situation.

Under this chapter, generally following kinds of agreements are undertaken:

  • Joint venture agreements
  • Franchise agreement
  • Partnership agreement
  • Collaboration agreement
  • Employer Employee agreement

We also provide following legal consultancy services under this chapter as under:

  • Drafting of Commercial Agreements/Contracts/Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Drafting of Joint Venture Agreements
  • Drafting of MOA/AOA, Constitution of Political Party/Company/Trust/NGO.
  • Drafting of Compromise / Settlement Deeds
  • Drafting of Indemnity bond and other Bonds
  • Drafting of GPA/SPA/WILL etc.
  • Drafting of Deed of Mortgage /Hypothecation
  • Drafting of Partnership Deed & Trust Deed
  • Drafting of Gift deeds/ Sale Deed / Agreement to Sell etc.
  • Drafting of Public Notices / Publications/Auction notice etc.
  • Tenders / Public Notices etc
  • Drafting of various Petitions/Application to be filed before various court
  • tribunals and other authorities.

Other Practice Areas

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