Mergers & Acquisitions

We are amongst the leading Mergers & Acquisitions Law Firms in India. We work with in-house legal counsels, investment banks, and accounting firms for Strategic Corporate Restructuring, demergers, acquisitions, and buy-outs.

The lawyers at the firm assist companies pursuing Mergers & Acquisitions in Restructuring of Capital, Conversion of a Public Company to a Private Company, Takeover of Business Divisions, Winding up Proceedings, and vice versa in M&A transactions.
I.G. & Associates assist the clients in statutory compliances, court proceedings, merger sanctions, structuring the transaction, business / asset transfer agreement, non-compete agreements, and earn out models for management. The firm represents clients for regulatory compliances, the scheme of arrangement between the company and its shareholders or between shareholders.

In M&A transactions, we strive not only to achieve objectives of the client but also ensure that the deal is fair to the other party too. Based on our experience, we also provide value addition on practical business aspects in the transaction. We have been successful in retaining our clients for over two decades by achieving their trust and confidence through our professionalism.

Other Practice Areas

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